Choosing between an Inkjet Coder and Laser printer

In the past, laser printers have been dominant in the enterprise sector compared to inkjet coder that was used in households when color printing needs arise. However, consumers nowadays prefer printers that have great features, price points, and modern technology.

Inkjet coders began to gain popularity as a low alternative to the old laser printers. It provides a complete page option that is less refined and comes with a great value. When the laser printer was still monochrome, inkjet coder was a good alternative that provided a color printing.

The difference

The difference between an inkjet coder and laser printer comes in the way these machines apply ink on the surface. Inkjet coders use the tiny nozzles to spray ink on to the surface thus creating dots. When used on white paper, the ink is absorbed causing the bleeding and blurring the edges of the text being printed. However, you can use specialized paper that can control breeding and to increase the drying time. Inkjet coder is good in printing dates on a bottle.

On the other hand, laser printers use high heat to fuse the powdered ink on a paper. In this case, bleeding is not an issue as the laser toner does not get absorbed in the paper. However, contrasted to the inkjet coder, it does not allow subtle gradients of color as it has crisp edges. Color lasers work by laying down colors in series of one after the other. Unlike the inkjet coders, the toner in laser printers has a gradient of opacity. Although laser printers were not preferred for making maximum quality prints, it has the capability of making crisp and speedy results with perfect text and solid image quality.

In both cases, there are advantages of each type. However, depending on several factors, you should choose the one that suits your production line.

 The printing surface

The printing surface is the prime factor that will determine what you will go for. First, in case you want a printer for business documents, consider a laser printer. These types of monochrome printers give a sharp and quick print out that is ideal for a high volume of documents. However, if you need one to print your products such as the date in bottles, go for inkjet coder.

Other factors that you should take into considerations are:

  • Print size
  • Printer specifications
  • Print speed
  • Technology