Coding and Marking

In most processing industries, date coding and marking is a key priority as far as identification and traceability are concerned. Almost all products need packaging including the fresh vegetables and fruits that are to be distributed in local stores or overseas. Coding and marking solution are also important in non-food products such as pharmaceuticals.


Whenever you think about coding and marking, packaging has to ring at the back of your mind. This happens since manufacture dates, expiry dates, 2D barcodes, general package and case codes has to be marked in all packages. These packages usually come in various sizes, shapes and materials, therefore, machines such as inkjet coder has to come in handy. From goods that require high-speed coding on the fly and custom labels that use industrial capital equipment, information that is marked or coded is very important.

There are many processing industries, applications and forms of packaging that require marking and coding solutions. These include the type holders, metal coding type, hot melt ink-rollers, hot stamping foil, rubber type, thermal transfer ribbons and inkjet fluids.


Package coding is also common in pharmaceutical products. Before they are released after packaging, inkjet coder has to print date. This date enables the buyer to know the expiry date of the product and avoid taking medicines that are harmful to the health. Also, marking has to be done in pharmaceuticals to ensure there is ease is shipping tracking, verifying the date of manufacture and dealing with counterfeit products.

Just like food products, coding and marking can be done in many ways. However, the choices of the machine to be used depend on several factors. These include:

  •    Batch data plus the information system integration.
  •    Line speeds
  •    Traceability requirements
  •    Label and package material
  •    Volume requirements
  •    Fonts and character sizes

Depending on quality specification, type of marks and quality specification, pharmaceutical coding and marking can be done using inkjet coder, ink rolls, laser and hot stamp ribbons.

Inkjet coder

Under inkjet coder, there are two types:

  •  Small character
  •  Large character

A small character inkjet coder is ideal for printing dates and batch on bottles while the large character is meant for printing information on boxes. A small character coder operates by printing at least two lines using the selected font size and can also print barcodes. Depending on what you produce, you should get a machine that will serve you best.