Factors to consider when buying water filling machine

For individuals who want to purchase a water filling machine, get the best one that fits your production line can be tiresome and a bit challenging. There are various things you have to take into consideration including the nature of power conveyors, fillers, labelers, and capping machine. This guide will give the various aspects to factor in and an insight into the entire water filling process.

Water filling machine is designed in such a way that the whole process is integrated and continuous. It begins by cleaning the bottles, filling them, capping and finally labeling them before they are distributed. Although many machines can suit you, there is always one machine that will give you the best solution. Here are the various aspects that will enable you to find the ideal water filling machine:

The nature of your bottles

Some bottles require more sophisticated machines than others. Before getting your water filling machine ensure you know the type of containers that you will be using so that you can choose the right one. Some machines have been designed to offer specific packaging options and are limited to a number of adjustments. Some also have been designed to handle various bottle sizes while others are fixed to hand specific type only.

The production rate

One of the key aspects of a water filling machine is the number of bottles it can pack in an hour. For instance, if you require 2500 water bottles every hour, then you will have to purchase a 2000-3000 water filling machine. However, if you need a machine for high production, then you go for water filling machine that handles 12000 to 15000 bottles in every hour. This machine usually has many heads for rinsing, filling and packing compared to the other ones.

Production cost

Some machines are not good for small-scale production. Some require high costs for running that include power consumption rate and maintenance. You should always ensure that the machine you incorporate has a positive impact on the industry. Some are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic making production process much easier. Depending on your product rate, ensure that the machine you incorporate will add value to the output.

Integration process

Some water filling machines need some operators to move bottles from one stage to the other. However, others are semi-automatic and automatic where the whole bottling process has been integrated into one. With fully automatic machines, the process of cleaning, filling, and capping is integral and continuous allowing you to package more bottles within a short period.